As Extreme Weather Reaches Record Levels, Climate Kids Keep The Pressure On

Ottawa, Canada (Photo by @mjmmaclean/Twitter)

Temperatures across the globe continued to spiral into dangerous territory this week, in keeping with the rest of the month. According to United Nations News, Southern Minnesota logged a staggering -65°F (-53.9°C), while Australia experienced its overall hottest month on record. Santiago, Chile hit a record high of 38.3° C on January 26th, and a city in northeastern Argentina just reached a new rainfall record of 224mm in 24 hours.

But the bitter cold did not stop #FridaysForFuture climate strikers, who were out again in full force yesterday. Organizers in twelve cities across Canada participated in climate strikes this Friday, where strikers braved -20° C temperatures to call attention to climate change and demand action from their lawmakers. Meanwhile, climate strikes in Ireland, Scotland and Colombia morphed from solo student strikes into intergenerational groups.

A day prior, tens of thousands of young people filled the streets of Belgium for the country’s fourth weekly #SchoolStrike4Climate, earning the support of 3,450 Belgian scientists, who published an open letter stating that “the climate activists are right,” and upholding many of the demands put forth by Greta Thunberg and her followers, such as the need to cap warming at 1.5°C from preindustrial temperatures. “To keep warming below 1.5°C it is necessary to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050,” the letter states. “In order to achieve this, we have to take far-reaching structural measures NOW.”

Here are photos from 38 of the cities and towns across the world on climate strike on Thursday, January 31st and Friday, February 1st.

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