Want to share a photo or a video of a strike you attended? Interested in publishing an opinion piece about your experience striking for climate? Or what needs to happen next? Do you know a young climate activist you think we should feature? An upcoming event you’d like us to post?

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Leanna First-Arai is an educator and freelance writer based in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a former public radio reporter who has also published with YES! Magazine, Sierra Magazine and Hyperallergic. Her work centers on climate activism, the intersection of environmental and racial justice issues and environmental education.

She can be reached at leanna.firstarai@gmail.com, or on Twitter @FirstArai.

Ira Meyer is a New York born, California based photographer, whose work has been published on the cover of the Turkish version of National Geographic’s Climate Change special edition, in National Geographic’s Atlas of Natural America, on the cover of Yosemite National Park’s calendar, as the Nature Conservancy’s holiday card, CD and video art, in the Los Angeles Times, on several book covers and a variety of magazines. Ira has generously donated the use of his photographs for the Climate Kids ‘homepage’ and ‘collaborate’ pages. Please check out his work here.

Patty Waymire is a California based photographer whose “No Snow, No Ice” photograph was featured in National Geographic’s Climate Change – In Focus project, which went on exhibit at the Climate Change Summit in Morocco. She was a finalist for National Geographic’s Photographer of the Year for 2016. Patty has generously donated the use of her photograph for the Climate Kids ‘about’ page. Please check out her work here.

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