We are in the midst of a critical period, and time is of the essence. In 2018, a report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealed that we have a mere twelve years to cap warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. Failing to do this, even by as little as half a degree will mean killing off 99% of the earth’s coral reefs and bringing on an estimated 50% greater risk of water insecurity worldwide. In the words of Mary Oliver, “there are moments when the veil seems/almost to lift, and we understand what/the earth is meant to mean to us – the/trees in their docility, the hills in their patience, the flowers and the vines in their wild, sweet vitality. Then the Word is within us, and the Book is put away.”

After decades of blood, sweat, tears, pain, frustration and perseverance on the part of environmental groups committed to fighting to protect endangered species, protesting proposed industrial plants that would threaten the ecosystems and human health outcomes of those who call that place home, pushing for the closure of coal and nuclear plants and the cleanup of long-polluted waterways these groups, along with individuals from Nakawa, Uganda to Vancouver, Canada are coming together under the leadership of youth activists to create a cohesive movement at a scale we have never seen. Our hope is that this wave of the climate action movement — the one led by our children —  will be the one that obligates local, regional, national and global world leaders to push through policies that will mitigate the level of crisis that will thoroughly define our future if we stand still.

In September of 2018, Swedish environmental activist and now climate superstar Greta Thunberg decided adults were not doing enough. She stood outside of the Swedish Parliament building for three straight weeks, refusing to go back to school until Sweden’s lawmakers committed to adopting a more radical approach to combating climate change. In addition to her personal commitments to give up meat and stop flying, Greta has inspired young people across the world to join her in #FridaysForFuture school strikes each and every Friday.

Greta Thunberg outside of the Swedish parliament.building. (Photo by Reuters)

We believe the drastic changes required to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celcius in less than twelve years will not be achieved without disruption, and Greta has created a model that has a kinetic capacity to shake things up.

We’ve launched Climate Kids in 2019 to gather and share intel on the growth of the movement, to keep up with some of the awe-inspiring young leaders, shakers and visionaries throughout the world whose wisdom is encouraging and whose tenacity is contagious. To try and help keep the climate movement from getting buried by the news cycle. To encourage growth, excitement and an ever-growing commitment to the intersectional, existential fight that it is.

The kids are all right.

Let’s join them.